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House System

The House System plays a key part in establishing and reinforcing the school’s ASPIRE ethos and our five key values. Every student at Moulton is assigned a house, made up of one form group from each year. The House system creates healthy competition, promotes good work and behaviour, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities to take on responsibilities and brings everyone in the school together.


Each House has the opportunity to win:

Each House has a set of four dedicated, House Leaders. These House Leaders make up our senior prefect team in sixth form and work hard to make sure students at Moulton are given a variety of opportunities and rewards.
House A Leader's: Lewis Farrell Smith, Eadie Simmons, Aliya Hussain & Charlotte Clarke – Weston
House B Leader's: Joe Cowell, Natasha Haycock, Sarah Priest & Kyle Murfet
House C Leader's: Lucy Waller, Alex Wilson, George Lethbridge & Georgina Corre
House D Leader's: Ellie Blood, Fernando Karichi, Franklin Fenning & Alex Gurton
House E Leader's: Megan Dalton, Samuel Finch, Luc Beckett & Kristy Ireson
House F Leader's: Daniel Blight, Emily McNamee, Jessica Salter & Esha Mehta
House G Leader's: Harrison Box, Kate Sullivan, Fatima Bah & Jaker Ahmed
House H Leader's: Kristy Anne Leeds, Ross Thomas, Charlie Batchelor & Beth Lennon


Respect, safety and positivity underpins everything we do,

With these three things, we can ensure, that we are winners through and through. 

We are kind and we cooperate with our peers, young and old, 

To help each other be the best, for our future yet untold.


House Cup, Summer 2017, was awarded to House H!
Sports Day Trophy 2017, was awarded to House H!