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Catering By Churchill would like to take this time to introduce the team at Moulton School lead by Melanie Palmer and those supporting her Nina Tebbutt, Joanne Crompton, Joy Key, Debbie Shields, Lynne Farrent and Lorraine Tonks.


Catering By Churchill are an independently owned company who is nimble in our approach and ability to react to the market trends and the requirements of our customer base.


As a small company we have the ability to act on the current needs of both Students and Client to ensure we are always offering the products of right here and now which are very much high street grab and go led, working with Sarah Cloete our nutritionist and development team to guarantee  value for money and great tasting food with a much healthier take on some of the  favourite choices like our homemade Pizza and our Churchill’s Family Favourites which are made up of the dishes like our Cottage Pie packed with hidden vegetables (just don’t tell the kids).


As a caterer with education at the centre of our business and our hearts we pride ourselves in working in partnership with the students to ensure the menus on offer and products sold are pupil centric. But also to give the parents piece of mind to think that their children are going to a school are able to get themselves a healthy, nutritious lunch with the added bonus of being able to treat themselves every now and them to something sweet which has been lovingly made by the onsite baker but these treats are made with a difference they have hidden goodness, which make them delicious yet secretly good for you.