Moulton School Publication Scheme

Moulton School Publication Scheme


Who We Are & What We Do

Organisational Information, structures, locations and contacts

What We Spend and How We Spend It

Financial information about projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audit

  • Capital Funding

All capital funding, building and capital projects are included within the annual budget plan.

  • Additional Funding

There is no source of additional funding in addition to that included in the annual budget plan.



Relevant Business Interests


Each year the Governors, members of the school Senior Leadership Team and other key staff members are required to complete a Declaration of Interest for themselves and close family members detailing any relevant business interests they have and whether there have been any business transactions with the school.
These forms are submitted to the auditors as part of the annual audit and a copy retained at school.

Committee Overview:

The school has a full Governing Body made up of the Directors of the Trust and 13 other members, details of the Governors can be found on the school website.
The Full Governing Body has full oversight of the operational sub-committees who have delegated powers in their designated areas:

  • Finance (incorporating Audit) sub-committee
  • Quality Assurance sub-committee
  • Pay sub-committee

Minutes from each of the meetings can be located on the website and are published once approved.

Terms of reference for each sub-committee can be located below:

Sub-Committees Terms of Reference


Minutes of Meetings of the Governing Body and its Sub-committees


2016 - 2017
2015 - 2016
2014 - 2015
Full Governing Body
20th October 22nd October 16th October
15th December 10th December 11th December
30th March 16th December (AGM) 16th December (AGM)
25th May 11th February 12th February
  23rd March 26th March
  26th May 21st May
  14th July 9th July
2nd November 14th October 9th October
14th December 16th December 16th December
15th March 16th March 18th March
  15th June 17th June
Quality Assurance
16th September 16th September 24th September
28th September 30th September 8th October
16th November 18th November 19th November
25th January 27th January 28th January
  20th April 24th March
    29th April
    24th June
  14th October 3rd December
  26th November  


Our Policies and Procedures

Current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities

NCC policies are used for all other HR policies.

  • Handling Information Requests

We have sought to put as much information as possible onto the website. Where information is not available on the website, please contact the Business Manager, Mrs M Dane, in the first instance. Further details regarding procedures for handling information requests are also available on the Model Publication Scheme statement.

  • Policies & Procedures for the Recruitment of Staff

All vacancies for new staff are advertised externally.

Lists and Registers

  • Disclosure Logs

    The following information has been provided in response to freedom of information requests:

    • Information regarding an audit of practice on data protection and freedom of information, and action taken in response.
    • Performance Management Policy
    • Policy on Collective Worship
    • School Profile
    • Statutory Guidance
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