Aims and Values

Values and Aims


Our five key values, as determined by students, parents, staff and governors, are as follows. We believe that these values describe the community of which we wish to be a part.


We also seek to live and work according to our ‘ASPIRE’ ethos:

  ASPIRE – Strive for Great Things
  Achievement for learning
  Service to the community
  Pride and determination
  Individual responsibility
  Respect, courtesy and consideration
  Excellence and high expectations


As a school community, we have set the following aims:

We strive to be a school in which

  • learning, in its broadest sense, is central to all that we do
  • we are committed to on-going self-evaluation and continuous improvement
  • we see ourselves as an integral part of our local community

 And in which every individual

  • is challenged to achieve to his or her full potential
  • sets the highest of personal standards in work and conduct
  • enjoys a genuine sense of success, both individually and collectively
  • is encouraged to develop a wide range of talents and interests
  • is prepared for life, education and employment beyond school
  • develops a deep moral, spiritual and cultural understanding
  • is valued, cared for and supported
  • feels safe and secure, and is healthy and happy
  • accepts his or her responsibility to the other members of the school and wider community
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